Saturday, January 3, 2015

We're Not in Canada Anymore

We find ourselves in a very unique place. Walking outside the house feels like that scene in Jurassic Park when they step out of the vehicles and look out over the open field to see Brontosaurus, Pterodactyls and other dinosaurs filling the landscape. When I walk outside, I am constantly scanning everywhere.

I am making sure that I am "sure-footed" and deliberate - that way the snakes can sense my vibrations and scurry off - and yes, I have already seen a black snake when our neighbour, Brett, lifted a metal sheet up off the ground to point out to me that it was precisely the type of thing to be wary of and that snakes can hide underneath to shield themselves from the sun. Point made! So, apparently it was just a juvenile - but venomous nonetheless! 

The very next day, I bought myself some ankle-high boots to wear near the garden. Also, made a mental not bother going in the paddocks near the large composts bins....likely not worth the stress.

Anyways, back to Jurassic Park. I was out in the yard just walking around trying to figure out what sort of trees we have here - because that is where most of the bird action seems to be. I now know that we have lemon, stonefruit, mandarins and maybe some others. This video captures the unexpectedness of this amazing place.

This country is wildlife incredible - and this is just Day 7. Here are some of the things that we have seen - all of them either on our property or close nearby. 

The Cockatoos (Nigel:) 

The Alpacas (just vacationing here briefly) 

Our little duck family 

 Ducks from the "Dam"

Rainbow Lorrikeet 


The Roos! 


Garden Orb-Weaver (I think...)

Chy and I are constantly stopping mid-sentence or looking around out a window when some strange noise has caught our attention. We'll likely get used to it - but for now - the excitement of this place is still getting us up by 6:00 am most mornings (and we're on school holidays right now!)

This video is what we saw today after a day at the beach just around the corner from where we live....

Very cool indeed!

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  1. Incredible. Nothing like living in a zoo. Watch out for the magpies. They are very aggressive when they have eggs in their nest.