Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Secrets of St. George's Head - Booderee Nat. Park

The crystal clear waters of Kittys Point

One of the bushwalks that was still on my list to do before we return to Canada was in Booderee National Park. 

St. George's Head is one of the more "remote" areas of Booderee and to find my way all along the bottom tip of the park - I needed to do a bit of walking...

The Headland Circuit Trail was the one I did today - but it ended up being longer than the 11 km - since I walked up and down to every lookout, beach or headland along the way. 

There was almost no one else on the trails. The park was quiet except for the sounds of nature!

Steamers Beach

There were many "bluebottles" washed up on shore - swimming might be a bit risky here!

It was a steep climb back up from the beach...well worth it to see that view though...

Brooks Lookout

Click the video below to hear the sounds of 7 Black Cockatoos that were in the trees overhead


St. Georges Head

I could just feel the power and overwhelming strength of the waves crashing in and pulling back out from shore...the awesome power of nature!

I could just see the outline of Pigeon House Mountain (the triangular-shaped rock it the middle) from the edge of the rocks across the water

Kittys Point

When I first walked out to this spot, there was 1 dolphin swimming on its own around the rock island (probably 30 feet in front of me). Very cool!

I climbed over the water to the rock island and had a sandwich - hoping to see that dolphin again!

Kittys Beach

Whiting Beach

Apparently, this was as far as I could walk down to the beach...

Blacks Waterhole

An incredible walk in an incredible place - 
Booderee has to be one of my favourite places to spend a day!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Greenfield Beach Walk

The group walks along the white sands of Chinamans Beach

We were invited out for a whole afternoon of fun, by our friends Joyann and Gary, along the beautiful shores of Jervis Bay. There ended up being a whole group; Jane and Philip, Ann-Marie and Bruce, and even Jo and Mark dropped by for a visit a little later. 

Views of Huskisson Beach and Point Perpendicular from in front of Joyann and Gary's place

Our plan was to do the Greenfield Beach walk to Hyam's Beach and then lunch at the cafe before returning for a visit back at Joyann and Gary's...

A good lookin' group!

From the bush to the rocky shores....

...and the white sands begin to emerge...

Philip and Bryce have a look in the water

We walked to Hyam's Beach (and the whitest sands in the world) -
while we waited for our table to be ready at the cafe. 

Bryce muckin' in the sand (with almost no visibility!)

Group Selfie on the Beach!

After a delicious lunch, we returned to Joyann and Gary's and had a visit with great company!

The view of Jervis Bay from inside their lounge

Bryce decided that he wanted to watch a movie with the dog on the deck. 
He chose "Scooby Doo" - for obvious reasons...

Thanks to Joyann and Gary (and the whole group) for another memorable day at the beach with great friends!