Monday, July 27, 2015

Werri Beach Coastal Walk

We were awake early for Saturday morning soccer in Bomaderry - so we figured we might as well get out and enjoy the winter sunshine. We decided to walk from the opposite end of the Kiama coastline walk starting in Werri Beach (Gerringong)

Bryce found his road - and only 20 min from where we live!

We were aiming to complete part of the walk (our goal was just over 5 km return).

We passed some surfers on the way

Gorgeous coastline

Bryce and Liam had a fun time running ahead of us on the path

They tried to take some quick breaks while Chy-Anne and I caught up to them

We kept our eyes on the ocean as this is the coastal highway for humpback heading north

There were a few people on the trail...but mostly it felt like we had it all to ourselves

This is a small patch of rainforest - as that remains of a once abundant coastal rainforest area

We followed a path inside the small patch of rainforest - 
for a moment you forgot you were even standing near the ocean cliffs

We made our way back towards Werri Beach - it ended up being just under an 8 km walk in total

Proper fish and chips at the Werri Beach Fish Shop - beautiful!

We drove home and followed signs in Gerroa towards the Kingsford Smith Lookout - we ended up in the Black Head Reserve for some more amazing views from the coast
 (but still no whale spouts today!)

Coolangatta Mountain in the background (on the left)

A nice way to spend a sunny Saturday in Aussie Winter

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Outer Great Barrier Reef - Cairns

The final adventure of our 2 week trip up the east coast of Australia was to the Outer Great Barrier Reef. We booked with Sunlover Cruises and travelled the couple of hours (via Fitzroy Island) by large catamaran out to their fixed pontoon at Moore Reef .

Chy and the boys proactively took some pills for the possibility of seasickness 
(it felt like we may have some of the only people that didn't throw up on the boat ride there or back:)

The resort at Fitzroy Island

We passed some kayakers at Fitzroy

We arrived at Moore Reef and were amazed at how clear the water was when the sun was out.

The fish were ready for us to get in the water with them

We hopped on board the semi-submersible boat for a quick ride around to look under the water

After that, we checked out the underwater viewing room of the pontoon

It was time to get in the water. We geared up with snorkelling gear and lifejackets and jumped in!

Click the video below to watch the massive surprise we got in the water!

"Wally" is a giant Maori Wrasse that the tour operator described as like "a big labrador dog." We were petting him and he was swimming up against us. We were all a little freaked out at first - but then it was really interesting.

Liam and Bryce had a "swim" in the area just off the pontoon overlooking the snorkelling area

Here is a video that I took with my "Action Camera." A bit shaky since I'm just holding my camera in one hand as I swam - but some amazing fish (including a large Queensland Grouper). When the sun comes out, all the colours of the reef do too!

The boys had a chance to feed the fish from the pontoon

We said 'goodbye' to the Great Barrier Reef - what an incredible experience!

...and that was the final activity on our East Coast Australia Trip!