Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dreamworld - Gold Coast

There was absolutely no way that we could drive past the Gold Coast without hitting at least one of the theme parks. Our choice was Dreamworld and that was our Day 3 adventure!

It was a little bit rainy - which was perfect - since it kept the lines short and minimised the amount of time to get on a ride. 

We even found a couple of horse thieves!

The Oz Big Brother House was on site - but we couldn't walk around it today.

Ready for the water!

Corroboree is an area with an aboriginal focus and heaps of amazing wildlife. 
It was definitely one of our favourite parts of the day.

Bryce tried out his "dingo howl" here

More koalas!

We learned a bit more about the Bilby and even caught a glimpse in the dark 
(Liam later also spent some of his own birthday money on a new stuffie - "Bill the Bilby")

So many interesting and unbelievable creatures in Oz!

Bryce had a turn on the road

A brief glimpse into our "teenage years" future

More animals...

Tree Kangaroo

We had a look at where we live in Oz on a huge floor map 
labelled with all the aboriginal names of places - so interesting!

Touch screen finger painting captivated Bryce


After the animals, we headed to the brand new "Wiggles" section 
and boarded the big red car for a bit of singing at a very, very slow pace.

Bryce sang along into the mic!

The boys had a great time on the rides that they could ride alone together 
(now that Bryce is a bit taller:)

Hammin' it up in the Gift Shop

This is a Bryce photo request of his new stuffie "platy" (very artistic, mate!)

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