Friday, July 17, 2015

Hand Feeding Wild Dolphins at Tangalooma on Moreton Island

Day 5 of our East Coast Trip and it was July 1st - Canada Day!

Here we are getting ready to feed the dolphins

We had booked another amazing experience to celebrate our homeland in our 'new land' - a full day trip over to the Tangalooma Resort on Moreton Island. The day would be capped off with handfeeding wild dolphins at dusk. We were all very excited!

Brisbane is a busy port - we passed many huge ships on our way.

Moreton Island is the 3rd largest sand island in the world!

Land Ho!

The weather was perfect and the beach was near empty (too bloody cold to swim for most people)

Pelican city

This is where they track which dolphins turn up for feeding 
(there are strict regulations about how much and how often they can feed these 'wild' dolphins)

We were wearing most of the Canadian apparel and items we brought with us. Represent!

We found some treasures on our beach walk

That SPF 50 is some powerful stuff - our boys are still 'see through!'


Crystal clear waters

Bryce had a blast rippin' up the shoreline

Chy uncovered this shell...we thought it could be a cone shell 
(very dangerous) we decided to leave it be. 

Not sure what made these, but they were everywhere on the beach. Some sort of crab, perhaps?!?

Besides feeding the wild dolphins, we were also stoked to have a look at the other major feature of this huge sand island. 

In 1963, they deliberately sank 15 junk boats to create an 'artificial' shipwreck site that is now ideal for scuba and snorkelling. 

We didn't do any snorkelling here - 
but the boys had a great time splashing around with their new wetsuits!

Found this little guy on the walk back.

After the boys had some time to build sand castles and play on the beach, we watched them feed the kookaburras and learn some more about one of the our favourite aussie birds. 

And then the unbelievable sunset began...

Everyone started to fill the seats along the jetty to catch the first glimpses of the dolphins. They were so active and certainly loved the attention of the crowd.

Click the video below to watch Liam and I feeding Storm and listen to the amazing dolphin sounds. Once-in-a-lifetime for sure!

This video was shot with the $70 "Action Camera" I bought from Target (I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the underwater videos I got out of it on this trip). Money's worth!

Bryce and Chy-Anne fed Storm after us and we all shared in the moment together!

Next Stop: The "Steve Irwin" Australia Zoo

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