Monday, July 20, 2015

Chasing the Sun - Cairns, Queensland

Liam and Bryce were crazy excited to hit "Muddy's Playground"

We caught a flight from Brisbane to Cairns (2.5 hour flight) instead of continuing our drive up the coast (19 hour drive!). Our mission - see the Outer Great Barrier Reef and enjoy some summer temperatures (it was still 24 degrees there!) 

This was our home base for the rest of the trip - before flying back to Brisbane and completing the final 14 hour drive back down to Worrigee.


We checked into our holiday accommodations - the Koala Court. It was perfect...bedrooms, kitchen and a small patio off the living room. This is where we spent 4 nights while exploring Cairns, the reef and the rainforest.

We found a terrific pub - The Cock and Bull - that served huge plates of food and offered cheap drinks. Bryce ate a sausage the size of his arm! He's a meat-a-tarian for sure! We liked this place so much - we made it back again during our stay.

The Big Game Club had huge marlins showcased on the walls and other massive wildlife trophies

The Cairns coastline 

Palm trees and pretty sunsets 

Liam and Bryce had a play in the splash area - Muddy's Playground  

Yep. That's right...."Crocodiles have been sighted in this area!" No one swims in these waters.

The clouds rolled over the tops of the mountains for a really cool effect 

Cairns Cenotaph 

Unique trees reminded us that we were inside a rainforest area

The view from the "lagoon" towards the main street restaurants and shops

The lagoon at sunset

I think we ended up walking up and down the Cairns Esplanade at least 5 times 
(our car was left in Brisbane for this stretch of the trip) 

There was a huge playground area with lots of great equipment for the boys to enjoy 

 We spent an afternoon at the lagoon - a huge pool area with a sand beach area and fountains. We spent some time soaking in the sun and gave the boys a chance to swim (without the threat of salties!)

Next up: Kuranda - The Village in the Rainforest

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