Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wild Koalas and Beautiful Byron Bay

Our Day 2 plan was to drive from Coff's Harbour to Byron Bay. Not a very far drive - but we wanted to make a stop at the Big Banana (for the essential photo) and then on to the Tucki Tucki Nature Reserve near Lismore to have another crack at finding a koala in the wild...

Chy found her very own radio station! What luck!

The boys and the Big Banana

Immediately after the Big Banana, I spotted an "Opal Shop" and knew that we needed to add a stop and let Liam (our budding geologist) investigate.

Bryce and Liam signed the guestbook 

We were feeling lucky and began to explore Tucki Tucki for koalas up in the trees. 

Not long after we started our walk - I spotted a little grey bum up in the trees...Success!

Can you see it?

How about now?

Now, you should be able to catch a glimpse!

Ok. Next on our list in the wild...the platypus!

Liam reads up on clues to spotting koalas

We continued on to Byron Bay and headed for the beach and the Cape Byron Walking Track (also one of the best places on the east coast for whale-spotting as it is the most easterly point of Australia)

The boys limbered up before the hike!

These birds were everywhere!

The boys have been practicing their smiles!

Lots of surfers out there

Byron Bay has a completely different feel to it...even the roundabout near our hotel was cool!

View of the Cape and Lighthouse from the beach at sunset

Lots of great restaurants and cafes around Byron Bay

Liam and Bryce found a light show to dance along to (while we waited for our dinner)

Until next time, BB!

Next stop: Dreamworld

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