Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taking on the Garden

So I've started a veggie garden....

Truth be told - I think that the gardening gene is strong deep down inside. My dad is a huge gardener and had always had a garden on our yard for as long as I can remember. 

So, as for previous experience....

I was a proud member of the Omemee Garden Club and remember going to the final shows (at the Omemee Curling Club, I think) in hopes that my (and by that, I'm sure most of the time, I mean the crops that my dad best managed!) best veggies would earn me some sort of prize money. I remember the loonie and twonee haul as if it was just yesterday....I'm sure that it lasted a day or so before I made my way "uptown" to the arcade to take on Bubble Bobble or Altered Beast or some other video game (which was all the rage at the time!)

Anyways, back to my Aussie veggie garden...

So, I'm quite happy to give it a go and the system that John (one of our exchange peeps) has left me just begs to be used. A fully netted-in garden with 4 long beds that have just been cleared and weeded out - I don't blame you, John, I wouldn't know if us Canadians could manage your garden either!

So I pulled the weed mats off of half of the garden and spent a couple days churning the soil and adding some fertilizer (rooster booster!) to get ready for the grow. 

The starting point (1/2 the garden)

Soil is ready for the seeds!

 This is what we have planted so far

So....Day 4 after planting the seeds....this is what we find!

Climbing beans



A great way to spend time with the boys outside and keep active. Plus, a cheaper way to get some of our veggies here:)

I'll keep you posted as things progress - having a great time working the land though!


  1. Look forward to seeing your green thumbs in a year! Louie and Stacey

  2. Loved your Dads garden growing up

    1. Me too! Not sure how many veggies (or raspberries) actually made it to our kitchen table - it was like an on-tap salad bar! Great to hear from you, Nance!

  3. I'd burn it once the spider showed up. Great way to keep the boys active though. You will be loving the savings once the crops are ripe.

    1. I'll get the video I took of the spider working on here soon. Garden Orbweaver, I think. Big suckers! Can't wait to start harvesting!

  4. Replies
    1. It might have been with the weed tarps over everything....Now that I've pulled them all off - should be a bit safer, Quinlan. Seen lizards, mice, giant beetles, frogs, spiders...and now snakes.

      Got a nice vid and pic of a red-belly black snake yesterday - I'll share it soon:) They're pretty shy and will just retreat unless provoked...but still venemous.

      Garden rule: Liam and Bryce are NOT allowed in the garden without Daddy!

  5. Replies
    1. You bet, Paulyne. Stay warm and hydrated there:)