Friday, January 9, 2015

To The Beach!

After seeing the kangaroos and taking a selfie in front of the Sydney Opera House (on our list of things to worries!)  - the next quintessential Aussie stepping stone to cultural immersion has to be the BEACH!

On Day 3 (New Year's Eve), we didn't head to the party store and stock up on novelty hats and horns - we headed to Culburra Beach to see what all the fuss was about....

We started to bring in the New Year of 2015 from the shores of OZ and worried more about sunburn and hot sand burning our feet than winter storm warnings and how much more salt is left to do the driveway:(

So far, not missing the winter weather!

Liam and Bryce loved it. Liam immediately went to burying himself in the sand while Bryce made a break for the ocean. They are certainly two different souls!

Looking for precious rocks and minerals...

We learned the following things:

1. Just because you see cars parked all along the road does not mean you should pull over and squeeze in too (as that was for the caravan park and not the beach. The beach car park was empty).

2. Always swim between the flags - when the lifeguards moved the flags to either side of where we had set up camp, we figured they were just concerned about our safety. Actually we were slightly out of the safe tide zone to start and then ended up being in a good spot after all.

3. Having coronas on the beach seemed much more refreshing than normal.

This is how close we are to this beach (we live in Worrigee)....

BEACH DAY #2: Hyam's Beach on Jervis Bay 
(Sat. Jan. 3 - Day 6)

One of the places that we were most excited about visiting (prior to our trip starting) was Jervis Bay. From documentaries, youtube clips, travel books and internet searching - we found out so many cool things about this area of New South Wales (and all only a 30 min drive from our house:)

On Day 6, we made our way to Hyam's Beach to experience "the world's whitest sand beach." It did not disappoint.

Practicing their best surf pose!

Trying to outrun the waves!

Parting the sea?!?


Rock pool hot tub!

It was crazy busy with tourists (many Australians travel to this area for holidays) but we still managed to find our own little piece of paradise! We packed a picnic lunch and had sandwiches before needed to re-applying more sunscreen - the sun here is a killer! Our boys are slowing transitioning from "see-through" to moderately freckled!

Liam and Bryce were "painting" the soft-seaweed covered rocks with wet sand - 
whatever floats your boat, boys!

We are about a 30 minute drive from this spectacular area...

 We cannot wait to go back to the white sands of Jervis Bay!


  1. If you ever travel further north, make the trip to Airlie Beach and go on a sailing trip to Whitehaven Beach. You will see the whitest sand ever and it is the texture of talcum powder. Sounds like you are having a blast.

    1. So right Laura! Noosa is another great place with so many beaches. Just watch out for the naturalist beach way up the trail!

  2. Thanks for the advice, Laura! Sounds awesome - so many things to see and experience here. Having a blast for sure!

  3. See through to freckled. Lol. Do yourself a favor and learn how to spot and read a riptide when at a beach. The life guards will teach you. That rock hot tub looked inviting. We could have used it here 2 days ago. -30 or something. To be honest I stop counting past -10.

  4. Great advice, Clay! We're aiming to hit a few new beaches this week - might have to check in with the lifeguards about that. Thinkin' about you all back in Canada - as old man winter pounces!