Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sydney Day 2 - Botannical Gardens to Bondi Beach

Day 2 of our Sydney Explorer Adventure began with the excitement of waking up in a hotel (we're pretty sure that the kids were more excited about this than the city itself. Note to self: book a hotel stay in Orillia when we get home to test this theory!)

We dressed for the "impending storms," fully sunscreened with hats, backpacks (to put the coats in when the weather improved) and our bus map and Sydney Guide! Off we go!

Liam and Bryce hanging out at the Archibald Fountain

St. Mary's Cathedral

After a walk through Hyde Park (and an essential stop at Starbucks to top-up Mom and Dad's caffeine level). We boarded the double-decker, open-top bus for an all-around view of Sydney and the surrounding area. Liam was tuned right in to the tour-guide narration and the interesting facts about the city (while taking snapshots with his ipod) and Bryce jostled for the "window" seat and was especially impressed by the ride itself and keeping watch for the Opera House. 

Kids loved the view from the top of the bus

Still practicing to get that smile just right!

We headed to the Royal Botannical Gardens to have a boo around 
(and crossed our fingers that the storm wouldn't hit after all...)

Lots of great statues and endless flowers and trees to look at

Found this guy sunbathing!

Had to stop to smell the beautiful flowers

Very pretty butterflies all around

Chy-Anne showing her strength!

The first "Opera House" framed by the Sydney Harbor Bridge photo (more to come...)

Australia "bucket list" item #3 (after the kangaroo and koala)...check!

The boys were amazed that it was so big and that they were at it!

So amazing from so many different perspectives. Didn't feel like I could take a 'bad' picture of the Opera House. It was heaps impressive!

What an incredible sight (and we held out to see the blue skies and some sun too:)

While walking along the Circular Quay (pronounced "key") - we had to stop and watch this street performer and his "busking" show. Little did we know that he would call up me (Neil) and Liam to be IN THE SHOW! Dad had to hold up that large metal robot (and support the weight of the performer while he juggling firey pins and large knives blindfolded) and Liam earned $10 for dancing with him (in front of a very large crowd) and throwing a pin up to him while juggling! Great job bud!

We hopped back on the bus and made our way to Bondi Beach. Bryce fell asleep (it's hard work trekking all across Sydney!) - so  we decided just to settle for the photo from the top of the bus and kept on the route to take us back to downtown Sydney.

We'll have to try out surfing here later on down the road...

Dinner #2 at Darling Harbor. Had some outstanding scallops, calamari and king prawns:)

A perfect spot to eat while dusk settles in 
and we catch a glimpse of Sydney all lit up and spectacular!

An amazing trip to a beautiful city! We'll be back again soon, Sydney!

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