Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Booderee National Park - in Search of the Little Penguins!

Booderee National Park is around 30 minutes from our house. It has incredible trails and beaches - and some really spectacular scenery! We came for the wildlife...specifically, little penguins!

These little creatures have been on our "must-do" list, since we learned we would be exchanging in New South Wales. There are only a few places to see these little treasures and we live near them!

 Surrounded by beautiful birds here

Must touch (and climb) the rocks!

Bryce is stopped to re-arrange the stuffed animals he brought from home on the hike (priorities!)

Smilin' for the camera after our hike on the trail from Murrays Beach

No one is allowed on Bowen Island - it is a protected habitat for the little penguins

They're there - look closely!

Our view of the little (fairy) penguins through the camera zoom

Now that's an ant!

Can't wait to come back to Booderee and see some more of the incredible creatures that inhabit this little peace of paradise!

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