Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another Day on Jervis Bay - Vincentia

We were invited to Vincentia (a beautiful town on the Jervis Bay shoreline) to one of Chy-Anne's new grade teaching partner's house. Welcomed in true Aussie fashion with a bbq lunch (fully equipped with local wine) and a stroll down the coastal pathway - it was a great day!

While Chy-Anne began to plan and discuss the year's teaching with some of her colleagues - the boys and I hit the beach for some fun in the sun - with Chris (Mark and Maryann's son).

Kayaking on Jervis Bay 
(I took one out as well by myself for a bit - very cool! But no one to take a photo...)

Sea Eagle perched in the tree above (eating a lizard or fish - couldn't tell)

Dolphins nearby:)

Hunting for crabs in the rocks

Climbing atop a cliff that shows spectacular views of the bay. 

Crystal clear waters!

White sands!

Bryce hitting the scooter on our stroll towards Moona Moona Creek

Bryce deep in thought...

Map of where Vincentia is

Came home to this amazing rainbow over the "dam" (pond)


  1. It all sounds and looks perfectly amazing!

  2. Very cool, Amy! You need to see it for yourself...put Paul on a plane with you and invoke the grandparents!