Friday, January 16, 2015

Bryce's Birthday Extravaganza - at the Shoalhaven Zoo

Yesterday was Bryce's 5th birthday!

We started our day with a Skype call from Guthrie Public School. The kids (and teachers) in Liam and Bryce's classes wanted to say hi and wish Bryce a happy birthday. The perfect start!

We spent the entire day at the Shoalhaven Zoo (just 10 min away:) We had big plans...cuddle a koala, check out the wombats, feed some animals - Bryce loves his animals!

Sleeping Koalas

Too cute!

Cool Lizards!

Blue-Winged Kookaburra

Tawny Frogmouth

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

We loved the wombats!

Albino Wallaroo?!?

Chillin' at the zoo!

The cliff views near the zoo farm

Feeding time for the bunnies

This goat kept hopping fences to steal other animals food. Baaaadddd!


Liam collecting quail eggs as a Zoo Helper!

Bryce collecting eggs from the chickens and ducks

Tiny bunny having a snooze


Cuddling time with the bunnies


We got to feed "Yogurt" and "Cheese" - the 2 calves

Bryce helping to feed the ponies

"Furry Animals" Show starring the Wombat!

Australia's "First Miners" dozing in the caves (Wombats)


We went for a hike on the "Hanging Rock Wall" tour - a great view of the zoo from the top!

A Big Salty!

Holding a Dingo - Bryce wanted this picture as his choice:)

More Great Birds!


Hittin' the "Slippery Dip" - a 2-story slide

Up close with the roos!

Liam capturing the moment on his ipod - a roo buffet! Click here to watch a video of this.

The Koala Show! We waited all day for this one!

The Inaugural Koala Photo 


  1. Outstanding!! Love the pics...Happy belated, Bryce! Enjoy every single flies by way too quickly!

  2. You bet Paulyne! You and Todd are our life coaches for OZ - once in a lifetime indeed. This place is heaps good and we've only had a stickyboo around Jervis Bay so far:)

  3. Happy Birthday Bryce! Logan was so excited to see him on Skype!

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