Thursday, January 29, 2015

Top 5 Aussie Lingo

Well, we have been in Australia for 1 month now - so I thought I would take a moment to share what my five top words or expressions are (so far);

1. heaps - "really" "very" "alot" "so much." This has to be the favourite right now. It's fun to hear and even more fun to say. Liam and Bryce have even started saying "heeeeps" to get a laugh out of Chy and I. "It's heaps nice." "we've got heaps of bargains"

2. no worries - "you're welcome" "not a problem" "that's alright" "it was nothing" It is next to impossible to ignore the laid-back attitude and nature of aussies when everyone seems to tell you that it's "no worries." Still waiting for one day when in conversation I'm told, "ah that's a worry." It would have to be catastrophic to throw the aussies off their relaxed game!

3. mackas - "mcdonalds" "the golden arches" "mickey ds" "mcraunchies" "the raunch" No matter how you say it, it's still a quick and relatively "safe" to eat (no matter where you are in the world). Great to locate when on the road with kids (especially if there is a play place to bribe the kids with as a way of getting them to eat all their food). Fun to say..."mackas." Tv commercials and even the advertising and signs in public use this word.

4. chooks - chickens (both referring to them when alive or as a meat) Not much to say about this one - but it was one of the first words that I missed when speaking to our aussie neighbours. I wasn't sure what the "chooks" were - nor could I figure out what kind of sandwich I was about to order...

5. fair dinkum (fair, or maybe, true) - We're still tryin' to figure out how to use this one in proper context (and without laughing).

***Honourable mentions: capsicums (peppers), arvo (afternoon), good onya! (well done!)

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