Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Flight to Australia!

With just over 33 hours in transit, we have either destroyed our kids for air travel forever....or quite possibly begun to construct the most resilient and seasoned 4 and 7-year-olds going.

 5 hours from Toronto to Vancouver.
4 convenience store sandwiches at 10:00 pm.
3 1/2 hours layover sleeping on airport benches.
Board our next flight from Vancouver to Sydney.
Only 15 hours to go!

Before leaving the plane in Sydney - we were doused with some sort of antibacterial spray. The plane was hotboxed with lysol-like mist and we choked it down only hoping to be let off soon:)

Our lovely welcome to Australia was provided by Gabby - Stephanie's sister. She drove us to our new home - but not before we were taken just around the bend from our house to see the roos!

A beautiful home and an even more beautiful view and climate!

Looking forward to a fantastic year!!!

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