Monday, January 12, 2015

Rainforest, Waves and the Mountain

Seven Mile Beach National Park

With a rainy and cooler day in store for us, we decided to do a hike in a place we haven't been before. Seven Mile Beach is about a 30 minute drive from where we live and we set out to hike through a rainforest and walk along the beach (hopefully without getting rained on too much!)

Hiking through the Littoral Rainforest

Creatures stirring

This is the part where it started raining hard - and we quickened the pace to get to our beach shelter picnic!

A crab hiding from us! (Still had to stop to check these things out, though)

Bryce says: "My favourite part was walking on the beach (before it rained!). I liked seeing the Jellyfish." 

Liam says: "My favourite part was walking on the beach. I liked it when it rained and I liked looking for the cool stuff (like shells and jellies and things!)

Bryce keeping dry for our picnic

After we dried off from the heavy rain on our beach walk - and polished off our picnic lunch under the beach area shelter - we decided that we wanted to see something else in the area. So, off we went on a drive to Fitzroy Falls!

Fitzroy Falls

Choosing to take the road through Kangaroo Valley (and the winding mountains) proved to be quite an experience. The sharp turns up and down the mountain had speed limit drops down to 15 km/h - Bryce slept through the whole thing! Chy felt a bit nauseous - but we trekked on an eventually made it to a very pretty little town.

We were watching out for wombats!

Trying to stay dry in the rain - to see the falls!

We couldn't even see the bottom (it was misty and cloudy). Liam got a bit freaked out by the height too I think!

Another great day - another adventure!

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