Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fireworks and the Taronga Zoo - Sydney

On the ferry over to Taronga Zoo (past the Opera House and Harbour Bridge)

After Chy-Anne and I attended the IEU Council meeting on Saturday (thanks to Helen Gregory and the IEU team for spoiling us all weekend!), we walked down to Darling Harbour to show my mom our favourite part of Sydney!

We walked through the Chinese Garden of Friendship...

and just in time to see the lights begin at Darling Harbour...

The view from Pyrmont Bridge

We were in luck...after dinner at one of the restaurants, we saw a sign advertising that there were fireworks beginning at 8:30. We found a good spot and stayed for the show!

After a restful sleep, we woke up Sunday morning prepared for a full day at the Taronga Zoo. We took advantage of the ":Family Sunday Funday" and bought unlimited Sydney transportation for the day for $2.50 each. We got our money's worth since we rode the subway and ferry return from Central Station (all for under $10!)

Grandma and the boys on the Sydney Subway

The ferry ride took us right across Sydney Harbour...gorgeous!

We travelled past Fort Dennison or "Pinchgut" as it became known - a penal site (1788).

We arrived at the Zoo

...especially if you're eating a sausage!

My favourite part of this zoo was the fact that the Sydney skyline (and Opera House and Harbour Bridge) were in the background for most of the day while we saw the cool animals.

The Bilby...

These little guys were one of our favourites...(gliders I think...)

Red Kangaroo

The cutest thing ever was Bryce carrying around his little notebook (bought from the Opera House) and stopping to write down the animals we saw. He even used the name tags to spell the names correctly!


Tazzy Devil

(That carcass is a fake prop)

Beautiful elephants

Pygmy Hippo


Amazing Tigers

We started our climb to the top of the zoo (and incredible views of Sydney!)


This old boy taught all of us onlookers a lesson....crapped in his hand and then begain eating it right in front of us all behind the glass. Well played!

Found some escaped chimpanzees!

Momma with her baby



Fur Seal

On to the penguins!

We left the zoo and soaked in our last few moments of the ferry ride past the Opera House and back into Circular Quay.

We'll be back again, Sydney!

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