Friday, August 14, 2015

Bridges, Valleys and Falls

Fitzroy Falls from Richardson Lookout, Morton National Park

My mom and I, headed north through Kangaroo Valley on our way to Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park. 

I had found another waterfall - Belmore Falls - on a map which also looked close (only 20 min out of our way) and easy-to-access, so we planned to stop there first and then on to Fitzroy Falls.

This is the oldest surviving suspension bridge in Australia

We walked below the bridge to see the view looking up

On the drive to Belmore Falls, we spotted some large wombat holes along the roadside.

The road was completely covered in water here - the falls are just to the left of this pic (far out!)

The view toward Kangaroo Valley

The top of the falls is just through these trees (near the road under water)

On our way to Fitzroy Falls, we stopped at the Fitzroy Falls reservoir to have a look

At Fitzroy Falls, we were hoping to catch a glimpse of some wildlife...and we were in luck!

At first, I thought we had seen a platypus....

But it was Australia's largest rodent (often mistaken by tourists here as a platypus we're told...)

We walked around most of the "West Rim Track" to see some incredible views of the falls. 

We even got up close to a lyrebird scratching in the forest floor (right next to the noisy highway)

The falls from the main lookout

The lyrebird was still there on our way back to the visitor's center 
(with an Eastern Yellow Robin friend nearby)

We returned to Nowra and had a look at the Shoalhaven Bridge (and some fish and chips for dinner!)

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