Tuesday, August 18, 2015

From Booderee to the Whitest Sands

Botanic Gardens, Booderee National Park

It was a beautiful sunrise to start the day and my mom and I headed back to Booderee National Park to check out the Botanic Gardens and Cave Beach (both of which I had not yet seen)

A beautiful sunrise to start the day

We actually ended up doing almost every trail in the gardens - the one around Lake McKenzie was a little longer than we originally thought!

I think this bird is some kind of thrush...

Lake McKenzie

I explained to my mom how the plants often sacrifice 1 leaf in a bunch to rid wastes - which causes it to turn red, die and fall off to the ground. This keeps the rest of the plant's leaves healthy (we learned about this on Lady Elliot Island)

Our next stop was a few minutes down the road to Cave Beach.

It turns out that we weren't the only ones who wanted to spend some time at Cave Beach on this day...

The rain was rolling in...but the beach and caves were amazing! Returning here with Chy-Anne and the boys is a must!

When we returned, the roos were still there and even greater in numbers.

There was no way that my mom could visit us near Jervis Bay and not see the "whitest sand in the world"

We made our way to Hyam's Beach and had a cafe lunch before walking out onto the pristine beaches

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