Thursday, August 6, 2015

Granite Falls and Gondwana Fossils

Underneath the massive rocks in Morton National Park

My mom and I headed south towards Ulladulla. On the way we stopped at the Boyd Rainforest and Lookout and the nearby Granite Falls. 

Watch out for wombats!

Lots of roos nearby as well

Large termite mounds

We began to see the terrific lookout

We walked under huge rock overhangs

Really interesting to see the compressed layers in the rock

Skull Rock

It was SO windy! Definitely the strongest winds I've ever experienced...and we were walking on top of the cliffs towards the lookout!

This would have been helpful to know BEFORE we started walking on the trail...

Pigeon House Mountain in the distance and the Castle too (just above the trees on the right)

We then pushed on to Granite Falls (a short walk to a beautiful waterfall)

An area of tin mining in the past

Another selfie!

After a rainforest, lookout and waterfall - it was time to checkout the fossils in Ulladulla

The tide pushed out just enough for us to walk alongside the cliffs and see some of the amazing colours in the rocks and fossils too

A beautiful winter day in Morton National Park and Ulladulla!

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