Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aussie Animal Cuddles at the Zoo

A kiss from a koala - magic!

The boys were so excited to take Grandma to the Zoo - which is why we chose it for the first full day in Australia. Koalas, dingoes, wombats, roos....we were looking forward to it all!

We headed to the kangaroo enclosure to feed the roos and have some pats and cuddles

Lots of emu eggs

"We were best friends" says Liam 

That's one happy Grandma!

We watched the 11:30 Furry Friends Show in the Koala enclosure - and had some up-close-and-personal opportunities (and photos) with a few of Australia's iconic animals

Baby Joey cuddles

Liam sneaking in for a smooch

"May" (short for mayhem) the wombat

Here comes "Trouble" (the Dingo)

The Slippery Dip

Lace Monitor


Kookaburra (part of the Kingfisher family)

Sleepy Koala

We showed Grandma where Liam had his birthday party - at the Treetop Adventure Park

A beautiful clear day (but really strong winds - up to 50 km/hr)

We took the rainforest walk to head back up to the main part of the zoo - 
Grandma's first Aussie bushwalk!

A terrific day at the Shoalhaven Zoo!

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