Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Abrahams Bosom Walk - Currarong

Liam, Bryce and Lachlan stop for a rest along the walk

We returned to Currarong (our 4th time there so far) to meet up with friends from St. Michael's and enjoy some sunshine in the lead-up to spring.

Beautiful sunrises from our back deck in the morning

We started by exploring the shoreline at Currarong and a walk along the rocks 

Chy-Anne and Alecia

After some lunch at a cafe, we began our walk with a start at the beach...

Bryce was excited to be back in the water again (after a long winter!)

We continued on our walk towards the wreck of the S.S. Merimbula...

The Bryceshark approached!

and Liam investigated...

We found a dead parrotfish (these are the ones that eat the coral) - smelly and weird!

The tide was too high to explore the wreck today

Beautiful shells everywhere

We continued on towards Honeysuckle Point...

Time for a quick (and crisp!) dip...

A beautiful sea eagle was flying overhead

Barnacle fossils higher up on the shoreline...

At this point, the boys were getting tired and Chy-Anne and Alecia were happy to head back to the car park. But I wanted to push on and see "Gosang's Tunnel" and the Beecroft Peninsula a little more - so I continued on the walk alone. 

The path became very wet and flooded in spots! 

Risky...got it!

I had to crawl on my hands and knees to make it through the tunnel. The air was being pushed in from the powerful waves - so the whole time I crawled to a "whoosh" sound. Very cool experience!

And then I stood up to this....(click the video below for the view)


After being freaked out by the view - it was time to crawl back through the tunnel to check out Mermaid's Inlet.

Seeing this reminds you just how dangerous the cliffs and ocean can be...

The pathway back...

Goodbye Sea Eagle!

We finished our day off with another incredible Currarong sunset!

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