Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Canberra Pt 1 - Science and Sculptures

The National Carmillon on Aspen Island

Having looked at the calendar - we are now realizing just how fast the rest of our exchange year in Australia is going...

On the way to school Friday morning, we decided that we should pack up after school and head to Canberra for the weekend. Hotel booked, bags packed, off we went!

We stayed at the Crown Plaza next to the casino (no time for gambling though!)

Saturday morning we took the "City Walk" to look for Gus' Cafe (and a big, beautiful breakfast)

After breakfast, we walked back towards the hotel for a bit of shopping and our first big stop - Questacon! (a Science and Discovery Center)

We decided to walk across the bridge and along the lakefront towards Questacon

We were just a few weeks too early to see "Floriade" (a huge flower festival in Commonwealth Park)

Before the end of the day - we had completed the entire central loop of the Lake Burley Griffin circuit! Our boys are great walkers!

A view of the Australian High Court (Questacon is just to the right)

We got to watch a group of 6 jets practising formations above us on the walk. Very cool!

Spring blossoms on the trees have begun!

You've got my vote boys!

We found Crocodile Dundee!

Dick Smith (we love your OZEE Sauce!)

...and Cathy Freeman 
(Gold Medal Sprinter who lit the 2000 Sydney Olympics flame)

That's a bit of bad day too early...maybe next time!

The National Library

Interesting sculptures and monuments everywhere!

and finally, Questacon!

The "Free Fall" Slide (a 6.7 metre drop) was too much for Liam and Bryce to try - 
but Chy-Anne did it! Very brave!

Click the video below to watch the boys dance!

The Caged Lightning Show and Earthquake Simulator were awesome!

We chatted with the robot a bit on our way out.

We continued our walk towards the High Court and the rest of the loop around Lake Burley Griffin.

We walked around "Reconciliation Place"

We stumbled upon "The Sculpture Garden"

On the other side of the lake, we walked over to Aspen Island to see the National Carillon (that tower houses a massive musical instrument!)

More monuments along the way...

After pounding the pavement all day long - we found a quaint little Mexican restaurant to enjoy a well-deserved dinner and drinks!

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