Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lookouts and Yabbies

Friday night!

After another week of school finished, we decided that we did not feel like cooking dinner, and instead, made our way to Berry (15 min drive) - in the Kangaroo Valley - for dinner out at the local pub (supposed to be quite a good spot for dinner and drinks:). On to the Great Southern Hotel! 

Outside of the restaurant was this cool group of location signs (Montreal was near the top). Coincidently, the "Famous Berry Donut Van" at the bottom - just 1 block to the left - was a necessary stop for homemade donuts after dinner. 

This was the other dinner possibility (The Berry Hotel) - but it was serving dinner for another hour (we were too hungry for this wait!). A 'historic' little village.

Liam and Bryce having a chill on the wooden swing just behind our table. Deep in thought, for sure!

After dinner, we decided to make our way to the Cambewarra Mountain Lookout to check out the views of the Shoalhaven and the area around where we live. It was amazing! (These 3 photos are from left to right - from the East Coast to the South)

That's Coolangatta Mountain on the left; the Shoalhaven River running through the middle; and you can even see the outline of Jervis Bay (home to the fabulous beaches we have been frequenting!

A great photo of Chy and the boys taking in the views from the Camby Mountain Lookout

This is the antenna that we see off in the skyline when driving around the Nowra area. 
Much bigger up close!

*Now came the ambitious bit....

As the sun was setting (on the either side of the mountain), I convinced Chy that we should hurry over to the Red Rocks Trig Trail lookout that I had done on my own a couple weeks ago. It was a race against time and it turned out to be a bit too much crammed into 1 night. 

The real excitement happened when I spotted a large wombat ahead of us on the trail. No one else saw it in time - because it stumbled off into the bush beside - but everyone HEARD IT! It growled at us as we passed and though we didn't get a photo of it - we will certainly remember quickening the pace and hurrying to the lookout (safe from the bully wombat and the encroaching darkness of dusk setting in!)

Grrrrroooowwwwlllll......(I did not take this picture - but almost could of!)

Another great lookout - but a tired bunch for sure!

The next day we were invited over to have an afternoon visit and bbq dinner at a family's place. The son, Ben, is in Liam's class; and daughter, Madeline is in Chy's Year 5 class. It was a great day spent with great people! Very hospitable!

Chy and I both laughed out loud (because it was so cute and very Australian!) when Benjamin said to Liam, "C'mon mate. Hop in the 'ute - we're going for a ride in the bush!" They had a great time!

We headed down to the creek behind their house (11 of us all piled into the ute!) because they promised to show us some YABBIES. They set traps to catch them. They are a bit like a prawn, a bit like a lobster. Watch your fingers - they'll snap 'em!

The beautiful rolling countryside (we needed the 4x4 for sure!)

Amazing views as the sun was setting over the landscape

Thanks to the Speer Family for their kindness and a great night!

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