Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spiders and Wallabies on Old Murray Trail - Booderee

A beautiful pink sky in the morning! 

This bushwalk took me on the same path that we had already done with the boys and Chy-Anne when we first arrived in Australia - on the hunt to see the Little Penguins from the Lookout near Murrays Beach.

Today, it was the Munyunga waraga dhugan (loop walk) 'White-bellied sea eagle's home camp'

Had to pull over to take a couple photos of some roos on the roadside (mom and joey)

Lots of maps available in Booderee National Park to keep you in check:)

Started on the crystal clear waters of Murrays Beach

Sunny, bright blue skies

Lookout at Governor Head towards Bowen Island (home to Little Penguins)

At this point, a storm started rolling in and made it quite windy for the rest of the walk

Found this "fisherman's path" down towards the cliff edges and some really great views!

Bowen Island

Lots of great rocks around...large chunks of quartz everywhere!

Came across this memorial with a plaque - very humbling

A wide path makes it easy to see everything around you

Apparently, this is terrific spot to see Australian Fur Seals at certain times of year. 

This was a great sign as it labelled the entire view of the distant landscape 
from the higher elevation where I was

Came across a wallaby

Some great wildflowers along the way

Bull Ants (they were everywhere!)

The ruins of the Cape St. George Lighthouse are seen in the background here

Golden Orb-Weaver Spider (actually saw 4 total on this walk).

Half way!

Jacky Lizard - up close and personal

Bottlebrush trees - a favourite for the birds here

This is where I had my first snake encounter on a bushwalk. 
Too quick to get a photo - it was small and not deadly.

Signs of fire or lightning strikes are common on these walks

The markings seen here are the tracks left by the "scribbly gum moth"

Some great bird noises surrounded me. 
Pretty sure that I caught a few glimpses of the endangered "eastern bristlebird" on the walk, too:)

And finally, a stop back at Murray Beach to admire the view!

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