Friday, March 6, 2015

Animal Encounters in "The Grotto" - North Nowra

This walk is just across the bridge in Nowra on the other side of the Shoalhaven from St. Michael's school and "Ben's Walk" (which I had already done). It's around 20 min from our house and another beauty!

This is, in particular, has lots of warning signs about the cliffs and telling people to stay away from the edges and temptations to climb them (up or down). I think it's used for rock climbing as I saw some anchors (to clip to) along the way.

The Shoalhaven River - so peaceful!

Because there are so many entrances to access the walk - 
these signs are everywhere along the outside edge. 

Rock staircase down to the Lower Grotto

It's unbelievable how these trees seem to grow right out of the huge rocks!

Very cool natural caves

The lyrebird busy digging in the rainforest floor. 

 I got an up-close view of an Eastern Water Dragon on the river's edge. 

Camouflaged so well underneath all the leaf litter and tree bark around.

Dark pathway on the Lower Grotto

At the water's edge

Crystal clear reflections 

The fern pathway continues...

Amazing tree roots!

Up close to a Kookaburra

Beautiful hanging vines!

Sandstone cliffs in view

This is where I heard all kinds of wild bird noises. I followed the path along the cliff and came upon another 2 Lyrebirds that were just to my right. 

The way out!

 Overall, another really nice walk along the Shoalhaven with the wildlife. 

It is hard-to-believe that this is so close to the city.

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