Wednesday, March 11, 2015

After School Beach Trip - Green Patch Booderee

One of the many highlights of our location is the proximity to beaches. We took full advantage of this on Wednesday when Chy-Anne came home straightaway from school with the boys and said: "Let's go to the beach!"

We packed up, slapped on the sunscreen and made our way back to Booderee National Park to the Green Patch beach area - equipped with hotdogs to BBQ there as well for dinner.

This turned out to be one of the most memorable days so far....

Love this picture!

Pretty much had the beach to ourselves!

Our Aussie Beach setup - people know we're tourists before we even open our mouths. 
That's what you get when you stock up during the Australia Day sales! 
How will we get all this great stuff home???

Chy enjoying a bevy on the beach!

Liam and Bryce chillin' in their kangaroo chairs

This wallaby wasn't bothered by our choice of BBQ picnic spot. Very cute!

Even when he did head back into the bushes - we could hear him rummaging around nearby.

Lovin' the provided BBQ - hotdogs 20 feet from the beach! 
Watch those Kookaburras, though, they'll swoop right in and steal your sausage!

Havin' some fun with selfies!

Lookin' good!


Liam is blown away at how close the Rosellas will come up to him!

Liam up close and personal!

Bryce havin' a go!

And now for the videos...

They had a amazing time with the birds!

Just beautiful...pretty bird! 

Posing with their little buddy

Liam tried to pet this one...close but not quite successful!

Bryce playing in the creek at the back of the beach 
(I'm learning how to take some very cool photos with my iphone by adjusting the light:)

Liam finds a fort on the beach to play in and 
work on the traps and guns needed to make it even better!

The cool sand on our feet in front of an incredible view...this is why we are here!

The boys are deep in!

Crawling waves

Gorgeous Green Patch!

This is becoming one of our favourite spots (we've already been there 3 times!)

Not a bad Wednesday night, eh?

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