Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chy-Anne's "Canada Report" at St. Michael's Assembly

Chy-Anne was asked to give a "Canada Report" during the whole school assembly recently. As you can see, everyone is wearing their 'school sport' uniform (every Friday is Sport Day).

She did a terrific job and shared a little bit of our home country to the delight of the crowd. Liam and Bryce had fun recording their voices to explain the slides as well.

The whole school learned to sing "O Canada" in music classes and it was sang out loud by all the St. Michael's students during an assembly - very cool! A Canada-Australia partnership has begun!

The best reaction came from the photo of our house buried under snow (taken February 2014).

Here is the Powerpoint presentation that she shared 
(fully equipped with Finney voiceovers and everything!)

We love Canada, too!

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