Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Garden Update 9 weeks on - Snow Peas Survived!

Time for another garden update (at 9 weeks since first seeds planted now)!

Perhaps the thing that I am most proud of is that every one of the crops that I have planted has been from seed. With the exception of the spring onions (that just rotted in the ground) - every crop planted has done well!

The zucchini were watered too much - so most rotted - but I'm hopeful that some are growing now and most of the moisture has gone out which will hopefully mean some zucchinis to pick soon!

The other really good thing is that I haven't used a single chemical on this garden - fully organic! The really fun part is making sure that you pick the slugs, crickets, frogs or other things out from the plants and crops when you pick them (and before you eat them - especially the lettuce heads)!

Pak choy and zucchini

Snow peas in February

Snow peas are doing well

Strings are helping to find the peas ready to pick

Chy and the boys picking snow peas

Bryce and Liam look for the good ones!

Liam on a green climbing bean hunt - no need anymore (there are heaps ready to pick!)

Amazing fresh veggies to pick from the garden. We've never had so many salads and stirfrys!

Carrots and Rock Melons

Watermelon and Rock Melons going now (have to keep them watered:)

Strawberries on the go

The climbing beans and sweetcorn

The corn is as tall as me! Cobs are growing now.

Capsicums (sweet peppers) have done well. Flowers have started on the plants 
(I just have to keep the cucumbers back so they don't get smothered!)

The first garden bed I planted has done well. Those are the cucumbers taking over on the right - they spill onto the right path and into the lettuce now. 

The main aisle between the first 2 beds

The lettuce has done really well. 
Still tasty and I have sent lots to St. Michaels for the staff to enjoy (so much!)

The climbing beans are now finding the strings I've put up.

Liam and Bryce are enjoying the fresh beans, snow peas and cucumbers 
in their school lunches for "munch and crunch" snack.

So cool for the boys to watch the process of veggies and fruit growing to understand the cycle and appreciate what goes into food production! Great pickers, too!

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