Friday, March 13, 2015

It's Like Riding a Bike...Literally

Today I got in touch with my thirteen-year-old self...

I think that the last time I went for a bike ride was in Blackpool, England in 2002.

Before that, I'm pretty sure that it might have been when I was a teenager.

I grew up riding bikes and spent many, many hours exploring trails and ripping up and down the street to and from the houses of friends. The bike was an essential method of transportation. It was a way to connect friends who lived far apart (before the age of driving). It was a necessity for bike tag, racing through the trails and gliding at top speeds down James' Hill (near the pit and Mt. Nebo) back in Omemee.

Riding a bike was freedom and being up on that bike feeling the wind race pace your ears and feel the pressure of the speed and pull of acceleration felt awesome!

Today, I felt that rush again.

Chy-Anne and I were left bikes by John and Stephanie here at their house. Today, I found a helmet, gloves and a bike. Once I'd inflated the tires - I was ready to roll!

I chose to ride through the Worrigee Nature Reserve (which has become my running route lately) which is just across the road). I have worked out a loop that takes me around a good chunk of the trails and now I can just add a little more each time to lengthen it.

Havin' a blast!

Quiet trails with blue skies

The smell of the the eucalyptus is so familiar now

My first half-marathon! (on a bike)


  1. Good for you. Having fun and staying active. It's amazing what all that sunshine does for your mind.

  2. Working on that tan for you too, Clay! Hard to crack that SPF 50+ though...priorities! Heading to Canberra tomorrow - first trip to the Civic! Dinosaurs and museums here we come!