Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hyams Beach - Boogie Boarding and Our First Shark Sighting!

After returning from our trip to Sydney - we decided that we needed to make our way to the beach and enjoy some more of the beautiful sun and sand that we have nearby. 

Liam and Bryce were keen to return to Hyams Beach - because of the fun they had exploring the rocks near the beach. Little did they know that they would have WAY more fun trying out the Boogie Boards left for them by Stephanie and John when we arrived in Oz. There were some really good waves coming in and it wasn't very busy at all. A perfect time to give it a go!

They did a really good job of watching the waves and deciding when it was time to jump on and let the wave bring them in to shore! 

Pretty sure they both swallowed a lot of salt water, too. 

An incredible beach!


Liam and Bryce doing their best "Mitch Buchannon" impersonation!

So, I brought the binoculars with us to see if I could spot any marine wildlife in Jervis Bay while we were setup on the beach. I say to Chy, "It's really weird that there are NO boats on the water right now - must be because it's rough right now." And she replies, "It's really weird that NO ONE is in the water right now. Look at the beach! What's going on?"

Sure enough, a couple of sharks were spotted really close to the shore and everyone had to get out of the water to keep safe. Likely, bronze whaler sharks - apparently they hunt for fish along the coast at times (better fish than us!)

It made for a memorable afternoon!

Just like everything else in this amazing country...it seems with incredible beauty comes danger!

You can see just a bit of the shadow of the shark in this photo (follow the hand pointing)

It certainly helps to have a beach with other people around - 
that way someone else can spot it before it gets close to you, I guess:)

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