Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Boys Start School at St. Michaels

This is the end of school week 1 here in Australia. The boys are rocking their new school uniforms and get to wear the red polo shirt and blue shorts with red socks on Fridays (whole school "sports" day) as well as on their own PE day. 

First photo of boys ready to go to school together (Bryce started a few days after Liam as a kinder)

Liam set for his first day of Year 2 here. He is doing really well and loves to learn the different names from things here compared to in Canada. He has been taking his Guinness Book of Records and Minecraft books to school to show his new school mates!

Hard to keep Bryce happy for the 3 days Liam went to school and he didn't. We did a morning movie at the theatre, had lunch at a cafe, gardening and lawnwork and a bushwalk in a nearby state forest. Quality Daddy-Bryce time, for sure!

Just before entering his classroom - so proud!

The innocent look. He made friends with the boy who sat at the desk beside him. At the end of the day, Bryce told us that he now has 3 "mates"!

School uniforms...check!
School started....check!
School going well so far...check!

Now - bring on school holidays and our next big adventure!!!


  1. Soo terrific! Brings back such memories for us! ENJOY IT ALL!

  2. You bet! Loving the uniforms...Hi to the Casselmans:)