Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bomaderry Creek Gorge Walk

Just five minutes past the Nowra bridge (over the Shoalhaven River) is a tucked away piece of nature amidst the urban sprawl.

The Bomaderry Creek Gorge walk did not disappoint. I chose the more difficult of the paths (close to 6 km return) - which was most interesting as it is a great deal of steps and climbing over rocks while navigating along the creek sandwiched between huge sandstone cliffs that protect the creek and its wildlife.

From the creek looking upstream

Looking down to the creek

It is incredible seeing how trees can grow right out of the rocks and how everything co-exists to create a place like this.

Some of the things I saw on this walk were so unique that I have named them something (I think) fitting.

"The giant's spear"

This rock (below) was actually hollowed out and seemed more like a cave. I debated crawling inside and having a peek - but then remembered that I was in Australia - alone - on a bushwalk - and didn't want to test my luck today. A perfect, natural shelter though for human or animal. 

Fern shadows on the rock below

Huge rock overhangs provide the perfect shelter for a nice sit on the bench provided. Until you realize just how small and insignificant you are in this spot and feel the need to move (must be what an ant under a shoe feels like!)

Beautiful sounds of the creek carving out the rocks to form some interesting rock pools and shapes

I was able to walk out on the rocks in the middle of the creek and check out some of the tidal pools. I tried my best to spot a PLATYPUS! Apparently they live in the creek and it is on our MUST SEE list of Australian wildlife to spot in nature. They hunt mainly at night - so it will be a challenge.  

Red sand near the cliffs left by erosion (high iron content as well I think)

I stopped a have a drink of water and then looked up and saw these Australian King Parrots just above my head. If you're not looking for the wildlife - you might just miss it!

So then I kept walking and two minutes later I hear and see these 2 birds in the trees above. Hard to tell exactly what they are - but just as I was lining up this photo and the perfect capture.....one of the birds was lining me up for the perfect poo drop! Nailed me right in the shoulder - now that's soaking in the experience. 

I see this sign for "the steps" and thought to myself, "if these are the steps coming up - what have I been climbing and stepping on for the past hour...geez!"

Wow! Incredible views up to the cliffs!

"The Elephant's Foot"

You can just see the extent of the cliffs across the creek at the top of this photo

I tried to get a photo of some of the lizards hiding under this rock shelf. No luck!

Excellent stick figure representations - but I don't think these are historic Aboriginal drawings...

Even had a ladder or two to climb!

Some really terrific colours coming out of the rock and leaving a trail

At this point in the walk, I see a large water dragon run in front of me and across the path (on his two back legs). Too fast for a photo - maybe next time!

Another terrific walk close to where we live. I'll have to do this one together with Chy and the boys sometime soon!

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