Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bushwalking and Trails - Ben's Walk and Beyond

There are so many bushwalking and nature trails located around the area where we live! I have been lucky enough to set out on a few trail walks over the past week. Most are really well marked and laid out - and you really don't know what you might see or encounter along the way (also doesn't hurt to have GPS turned on:)

Red Rocks Trig Trail - Cambewarra Range Nature Reserve

A proper "fair dinkem" Aussie selfie! (at the lookout over a terrific view of the valley below)

*When I bought this hat and showed the boys, here's the reaction I got:

Bryce: "Daddy, you are wearing an unusual hat! (puzzled look)"
Liam: "Daddy, you got your Indiana Jones hat! When can I get one? (excited look)"

This is the mountain that I am heading to (40 min drive)

The road to this trail is not advised after rain (unless you're driving a 4x4)

There was no one else around - the whole mountain to myself!

Natural rock formed most of the walking 'trail'

Really cool rock formations all near the cliff edges

They're not kidding - no rail or fence whatsoever!

Stopped here to have a sandwich and take in these incredible views

Fox skull perhaps?

Fox prints (I think)

Boneyard of some kind?

Decided to stop and turn around here...

Ben's Walk - Nowra (Along the Shoalhaven River)

This walk is just gorgeous! It seems like 3 different walks (depending on which side of the creek you are walking on) all rolled into 1. 

This walk is 5 minutes from St. Michael's (the school that Chy-Anne and the boys go to)

Lots of signs of fire on the trees in these forests

The trail crossed over the river on these rocks (carved out steps made it easy)

I explored off the trail up the rocks to some great views of the surrounding area (and caves)

The skies are so blue here!

Cicada shells "petrified" to the sides of the rock

Triplarina Nature Reserve

 I didn't see any black cockatoos this time...but lots of other bird noises around

I came upon some roos in the meadow....

They startle really easy - this is as close as I could get before they hopped away

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