Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Garden Update: 6 weeks In

The garden is doing well and we are beginning to enjoy some of the veggies! Here is a quick update on how things are going and how Liam and Bryce are eager to help.


Bryce loves to be a helper in most circumstances -
add warm days and give him a water hose and he's in heaven!

 Liam trying out his green thumb and giving the cucumbers and snow peas a drink!

All the weed tarps are off and 4 garden beds are in full swing!

I already know that I should have only planted 1 or 2 cucumber plants (they are taking over!)

Once I rescued the lettuce sprouts from the weeds - they did quite well

This is only after a week or so of planting corn!

Pak choy and radishes (I have already picked all the radishes after only 3 or 4 weeks!)

These are my lonely hot pepper plants
(not showing yet after 3 weeks...they are catching up now though)

The climbing beans and zucchini after 3 weeks

Lettuce, snow peas, cucumbers and capsicums (sweet peppers) near the front



The beans, zucchini, lettuce and cucumbers are out-of-control!

Capsicums (I'm trying to protect them from the sprawling cucumbers!)

The cucumbers - and their "too close" neighbours - snow peas (which are usually a winter crop but I'm giving it a go, and with all the rainfall and "cooler" temperatures I am starting to see some white flowers so maybe I will get a couple snow peas after all:)

Climbing beans almost to the roof!

Way too much lettuce all ready at the same time (might need to start a veggie stand!)

This is only 3-4 weeks on for the corn!

These are watermelon plants sprouting after about a week

Rock melon (cantaloupe) sprouts after about a week (Chy and the kids are excited about fruit!)

Carrots are just over a week planted

Pak choy is giving us some great oriental salads!

Hoping that these 4 hot pepper plants will make it...we'll see!

Zucchini plants are at the right. A wall of green has taken over. Doing very well!

The boys were so happy to have our first veggies picked from the garden!
Here they are celebrating the radishes...until they wanted to eat one.

Scroll below the watch the reaction in real time (especially's priceless!)

Cue the DRINK!!!! Too Spicy!!!

Pak choy and our first zucchini!

Bryce is so proud - "the lettuce is almost as big as me!"

You call that a that's a slug (leopard slug I think)!

This guy was hiding in the cucumbers

Found a red-belly black snake when I first took off the weed tarps (hiding in the cinder block).
 Time to go, bud! Stay away!