Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rainforest in the Rain - Fitzroy Falls

We drove up to Fitzroy Falls to experience some of the bushwalks and take in the views. The last time we went - it was raining and too misty to see much of the falls and beautiful views. This time we went and it was AGAIN raining and too misty to see much of the views!

Bushwalking through the trails was really great, though, and we really did feel like we were in a rainforest.

A truly authentic experience!

The view of the falls from the main lookout

We walked to Renown Lookout and back to the visitor's center (3.5 km return walk)

We were on the hunt for lyrebirds (didn't see any though)

Up in the misty mountains

Huge trees!

Termite mound

Boardwalks make it easy to negotiate the elevated cliffs

Not much to see at the lookout today

Some beautiful waterfalls along the way

The walk became quite steep at times

Great spider webs...but no spiders in view

Walking under massive rock overhangs

A trickling waterfall

Dave snapping a photo of Chantal on the walk

Panoramic shot of the walk's cross-section

Up stream from the footbridge

The boys are chillin' on the rock wall in "The Grotto"

A very cool panoramic photo down in the Grotto

In front of the Grotto's waterfall

A very cool spot!

Panoramic of the Grotto (just nature no people)

Interesting plant life

Having a great time!

So, the other day we checked off the echidna from our "must see in the wild" Australia list. On the way back from Fitzroy Falls, we crossed another mammal off the list. The Wombat! 

He didn't look like he was in perfect health...but it still counts!

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