Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter at Honeymoon Bay and Point Perpendicular

View of the beach from the rocks

Liam and Bryce enjoying their Easter Egg Hunt and Chocolate! 

We made sure to explain to Santa Claus that we were moving to Australia for a year before we left Canada last Christmas. Since then, he has passed on word to the Tooth Fairy (3 visits to pick up Liam's teeth) and now E.B. 

After all of the Australian Easter Bunny eggs were found today, we packed everyone up and headed to Honeymoon Bay to soak in some beach time (high of 23 degrees:) and check out the views from the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and Cliffs

Crystal clear waters

One of the things to keep an eye out for are these little guys (pictured below). "Blue Bottles" float in near beaches here, at times, and they pack quite a sting of you touch them. There were only about a dozen of them seen while we were at Honeymoon Bay - but a young girl was stung (poor thing!) and we helped her out with an ice pack.

Blue bottle
The water felt "crisp" but still nice to get in!

 Panoramic view of the bay from the rocks

Liam and Bryce loved exploring the rock areas (look out for dangerous creature, though!) 

King of the Castle

An amazing spot to snorkel with such clear and calm waters
No, I'm King of the Castle

Chy and Chantal enjoying the hot sun 

After Honeymoon Bay, we continue driving deeper in the Beecroft Peninsula to the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse. This area is very natural and unspoilt because it is military-controlled - we passed a checkpoint to give photo ID and this area is only open to the public on weekends and some school holidays.

Heading to the cliff 

Amazing view of the Jervis Bay coastline

We came across some people abseiling up and down the cliff faces (crazy!)   

Whale season is about to begin - can't wait to come back and spot them from up here on the cliffs 

Uncle Dave and Aunt Tilly pose with the boys 

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