Saturday, April 18, 2015

Full Family Fun at the Shoalhaven Zoo and Bomaderry Gorge

We brought Chantal and Dave to the Shoalhaven Zoo (which already makes the 3rd time for Bryce and Dad as we just went there for a birthday party recently). We wanted to show them the local Aussie wildlife and give them some close kangaroo time - and the weather was perfect!

This little roo, in particular, was quite happy to suck up 
all the love and attention we were willing to give!

Tiny licks on the hand - very cool!

Chy finds that perfect spot to scratch on this little guy

Bryce is having a great time with his furry pals

Pretty sure that Liam wanted to bring this roo home with us...

Love this picture! "Me and my Aussie Mate"

So, after we had a chance to walk around and see all of the animals (kangaroos, wombats, dingoes, exotic birds, saltwater crocs, and of course, the sleeping koalas; we ventured out into a very unique feature of the zoo (quite unknowingly) - the Rainforest Walk!

Small caves to crawl through in the dark and full iphone torches on to help guide our way - we got more than we bargained for on this little detour. 

Eventually, though, we emerged victorious and ALIVE!

Liam and Bryce posing in the rocks

Our first dead-end was after walking through this pitch-black large cave!

Tight squeezes!

The boys loved it! We had to constantly tell them to slow down and wait up 
(due to the darkness and unknown path ahead)

Aunt Tilly and Uncle Dave emerge triumphant. Good on ya, mates!

Just on our way out of the zoo, we found this lizard sunbathing on the Shoalhaven's shoreline


Our next family adventure was to bring the whole family to the Bomaderry Creek Gorge Walk. I had already done this one on my own - and loved it! It was an easy choice for everyone else to experience when we found a window of time in the morning just before the rain was headed our way.

Our track was the 6 km track through the jagged rocky landscape in the gorge. 
Ambitious - but we can do it!

If you can climb it - they will!

Loving the outdoors and looking for wildlife!

We're not done yet, boys, get up and let's go!

We were on the lookout for platypus, water dragons and maybe even some black cockatoos

Gorge-ous Smiles!

Huge rock overhangs and caverns were a constant source of exploration for Bryce and Liam 
(We've already had to promise to come back so Liam can bring his rock tools and equipment to get samples:)

Busy working in the rocks

Chy found some sort of skull and skeleton 
(we were guessing what it might belong to - perhaps a flying fox...?)

After convincing Liam that we could not bring the skull with us, he settled for a photo instead!

In his element!

Wait for me, Liam!

Bryce has actually started to suggest the best opportunities to take his photo and will now even pose!

Balance beam log walk with mom's help

A large Cuckoo-Dove just above us


We stopped at a great spot I remembered from my last walk here. 
Had a snack and explored the creek a bit.

Liam and Bryce were ready to move into this quaint little spot. 
They even said it had it's own bathroom (I don't want to know...)

Chantal spotted this spider at the base of a large rock in the creek. Haven't googled it yet...

A great spot to be!

Looking up-creek

Bryce "posing" on the "elephant's foot"


Chantal and Dave enjoying the Aussie Bushwalk!

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