Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dolphins and Seals on the South Coast Passage - Jervis Bay Wild Boat Cruise

One of our "must do" trips - while Chantal and Dave are here visiting us in Australia - was a boat cruise to see some of the amazing wildlife in - and around - Jervis Bay.

We settled on the "Jervis Bay Wild - South Coast Passage," which promised dolphins, seals, sea birds and the possibility of other things too (whales are only a few weeks away from being in season here; even little penguins).

We took a bus coach from Huskisson to Greenwell Point to board the boat - which meant that our truck was waiting for us after the cruise in Husky.

The trip took us from Greenwell Point out to the Tasman Sea and along the Beecroft Peninsula until we made our way back into Jervis Bay and disembark at Huskisson.

The water was choppy at times - but the sights were amazing!

The shimmering waters at Greenwell Point 

Our boat waiting at the end of the jetty

 Pelicans at Greenwell Point with Mt. Coolangatta in the background

We had to wear lifejackets until we crossed over the sandbar

Liam and Bryce peeking out from their lifejackets

It was calling for rain - so it was nice to see the roof on the boat (just in case:) 

Chy is ready to see the dolphins!

Canadians are aboard!

It didn't take long before we had spotted dolphins. The boat stopped and circled over to where the pod seemed to be. While we were there, there was incredible dolphin "action!" Perfect conditions and a perfect show put on by some hungry dolphins.

This is where we began to troll along the Beecroft Peninsula cliffs - they were spectacular! Our boat creeped in to the mouth of some caves, floating in to some perfect photo opportunities - and all the while - we were dwarfed by the towering cliffs overhead.

We found a small group of people standing on the overhang (likely abseiling)


Chy-Anne and Chantal are lovin' it!

There are Canadians a-boot!

The "drum and drumsticks" (below on the left) started coming into view at this point - that's where we were headed to see the Australian Fur Seals 


 Dave and Chantal getting ready to see the seals

 The seals are on the left rock overhang 


A small waterfall trickled from above

Intricate arches and caves

Pancake rocks


 Bryce was taking it all in!
An old WW2 tube on the shoreline

 Target Beach

The striking cliff of Point Perpendicular in the background

Shipwreck on shore 

Crystal clear waters - very cool colour!

Honeymoon Bay from the water

Here is the map of our complete trip

Thanks to Jervis Bay Wild Tours for a great crew and a terrific day!

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