Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family Surfing at Culburra Beach

We're going to interrupt our South Australia Holiday post series, to share what we just did today...

For my birthday present this year, I requested family surfing lessons. This morning we were at Culburra Beach for 8:30 ready to hang loose and catch that great wave....or at least have a go and try to all get up on the board!

What an amazing experience!

Surf conditions were perfect!

We had some spills...

Chy-Anne seemed at ease on the board...Canadian Surfer Girl! 

Check out this series...

 Bryce had a great time - he even managed to smile perfectly for the camera as he got up!

Click on the video below to see us all have a go, 
in the Finney Surfing Compilation Video...

Thanks to Peter for being such a patient and brilliant instructor - you made it a success, mate!

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