Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 6 - Grottos to Gorges

Liam poses at the Arch

Day 6 and our plan was the drive from Port Campbell to Portland (the end of the Great Ocean Road). At first, we thought we would have heaps of time, but we stopped at many amazing places along the way. 

Turns out, we had our hands full covering the 165 km!

Back on the B100 we go!

Looking down to the beach at Port Campbell 
(our hotel was the aqua green coloured building in the middle-left)

We didn't do the walk, but it would have been incredible views for sure...

The Arch

Towards London Bridge

London Bridge (now known as "London Arch" since the collapse in Jan. 1990)

The Grotto

We stopped in Peterborough for a cuppa 
(a quaint little village very different than the Peterborough, Ontario city that Chy-Anne and I both grew up near)

Wild Dog Cove

Bay of Martyrs

We made a stop at Logan's Beach near Warrnambool - which is famous as a whale nursery. We didn't have any luck spotting any whales today....but what a gorgeous view!

There were surfers in the water

We stopped in Warrnambool for lunch at a cafe

Now that's a burger! In Australia, a fried egg, beetroot or pineapple are all fair game (and fair dinkem) to get on a good burger. Bryce now calls me a "foodie" because he has seen me take at least 3 pictures of my food before...hilarious!)

After Warrnambool, we made a stop at the Tower Hill Reserve. This was just going to be a quick look - but it was a really cool place which gave us some very unique experiences!

Tower Hill is known as being "one of the most fascinating geologic formations in Victoria." The reserve lies inside of a massive volcanic crater!

First, we did the Peak Climb to have a look from the top (it was very steep!)

There were wild emus all over the place...

Can you spot the emu?

The view from the peak towards the Ocean

We heard some rustling in the bushes, so we waited quietly and this big bird took off in front of us!

Next, was the "Lava Tongue Boardwalk" - or as we found out, "Baby Animal Jackpot!"

A copperhead snake sunbathing on the rocks nearby

Click on the video below to see how we were up-close-and-personal with a baby koala and emus

Interesting caterpillars...

We continued on to Portland and checked in to our cabin.

With the sun setting and a few hours to spare, we hopped back in the car and drove to Cape Bridgewater (about 30 min away) to see some very unique features...

A big group of kangaroos are just in front of the hole in the middle of this pic...

The "Petrified Forest"

This place was like walking on the moon...what a weird landscape and no one else was around!

Our only company was a rock wallaby that scampered down near the ocean cliffs...

The Blowhole

Blue whales and southern right whales frolic in the waters around here...
...not today though:(

The sun was setting on us...quick - let's get out of here! 

Next Up: Day 7 Sinkholes and Stalactites

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