Sunday, October 4, 2015

Animal Jackpot at Hollyfield and Red Rocks

Paul and Sue Colyer with Chy-Anne and I at the Red Rocks Trig Trail Lookout

We were invited to a bbq with Sue and Paul Colyer at their house at Cambewarra Mountian just before the school holidays began. We had an incredible day of sunshine, bushwalking and animal spotting - as well as some amazing bbq food and true Aussie hospitality! 

Our first stop was to the Red Rocks Trig Trail to enjoy the spectacular view - and check out the aboriginal axe grinding marks on the stones nearby (I've been here twice already and didn't know where to find them - or what I was looking for)

Sue and Paul with our boys

Near the lookout is a site with aboriginal axe grooves where weapons were sharpened - some could be as old as 20000 years old (other estimates of aboriginal sites and markings date back 40000 years!)

On the way back from the lookout and examining the aboriginal axe grooves, we encountered a goanna. This is the first one that Chy-Anne and the boys have seen (I saw a big one on the Worrigee Forest bike trail back in the Summer).

We returned to Sue and Paul's place, and had a look around at the amazing view over the Shoalhaven and the beautiful trees blossoming.

Wombat hole

The Waratah - New South Wales State Flower

Liam was catching lizards on the deck nearby

...and then I spotted an animal down near the fence was an echidna (one of only 2 egg-laying mammals in the world! The other one is the platypus)

We walked down for a closer look!

Click the video below to watch what happens when we get closer!

Liam and Bryce really enjoyed feeding the horses carrots ("Noodle" enjoyed it too!)

Then we had a look at the biggest bee hive I've ever seen!

There were wombats everywhere on our walk around the area! 
(This one was quite happy to pose for the photos)

We had a look at a huge sinkhole that recently happened during all of the rain we experienced

Found a skull on the way back

More wombats in their burrows

Thanks to Sue and Paul Colyer for an incredible day of discovery and great company!

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