Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 5 - Towards the Twelve Apostles

Chy-Anne, Bryce and Liam pose with the huge Californian Redwoods

We woke up on Day 5 at the Camping Under the Koalas Campground to koalas literally in the trees in front of (and above) our cabin.

These boxes are used to 're-locate' koalas. There are so many in Cape Otway that they are destroying their tree of choice - the Manna Gum - and if continued, there would be no trees left to sustain a koala population. They were actively capturing and moving koalas as we were there. 

This koala was just in front of our cabin in the morning when we left. 

These are the trees that lined the roads. 
We would be constantly looking up into them (mostly Chy while I drove). If we spotted one, we pulled over and got out to have a closer loook.

We spotted this sign at the entrance to Cape Otway National Park - notice anything different about the wildlife we might see....clever!

We took the longer way to Port Campbell through an 'unsealed' road through the rainforest, as we were told of some great places to stop on our way.

Mait's Rest - Rainforest Loop Walk

There were huge trees to pose inside.

This walk was like being in Ferngully - very unique and smothered in wet, green vegetation

We were on the hunt for the world's only carniverous black snail (which only lives in this habitat)...we didn't find one:(

Californian Redwoods 

The story we heard was that these massive trees were planted as part of a forestry project (in 1938) to be logged in the future. But once the trees began to grow, people were in awe of their size and there was a decision to keep them as a reserve area...good decision! They are incredible to walk amidst.

Hopetoun Falls

The view from the top

It was a steep, long descent to the bottom to be at the base of the falls

There may even be platypus in here!

Lavers Hill

We stopped at here at a cafe for lunch. 
Beautiful flowers, birds and a great view of the rainforest from the top.

What a bunch of animals!

Bryce taking time to smell the roses

Gibson's Steps 
(unfortunately they were closed and we couldn't walk down to the water)

These signs were everywhere (but no where else in Australia that we have seen....). Lots of foreigners decide to drive this incredible road. Keep on the left, people!

Twelve Apostles National Park 

This was easily the busiest of the sites that we stopped at on the Great Ocean Road.

Our first look at the 12 Apostles.

Bryce and "Fluffy" the koala (in his jacket) enjoy the walk to the Apostles lookout

We had to keep our elbows out to fend off the selfie sticks here!

Good to may die!

Loch Ard Gorge

The Wreck

Island Arch

Muttonbird Island

We arrived at Port Campbell and checked into our beautiful apartment - 
overlooking the beach and a nice patio to sit and watch the sunset. 

Day 6 - Grottos and Gorges

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