Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kiama Coastline Walk

We started our Saturday morning with soccer games for Liam and Bryce at 2 different fields (Bomaderry and Gerringong) - so we decided to use our 2 vehicle situation as an advantage. There is a coastal walk that goes from Minnimurra - south - all the way down to Gerroa. We wanted to have a nice breakfast in Kiama (for Mother's Day) - so our plan was to walk from the Kiama Blowhole south to Werri Beach in Gerringong. 

I had looked at the distance and thought it would be manageable - but starting at the Blowhole (instead of Kiama Heights) turned out to add far more kms than we could manage... 

Pelican at the docks in Bomaderry

Searching for a cafe in Kiama

Beautiful mosaics on the park walkway

We had breakfast on the main street of Kiama 

Tree-hugger Liam!

Liam and I had a look at the war memorials along the main street on our way to the park

Beautiful arch at the entrance to the park 

We started at the Kiama Blow Hole

It was blowin' alright!

We were ready for the sun, wind or rain - it was around 18C but the winds off the ocean made it cool in spots. 

The waves were crashing!

The boys found all the "workout" stations along the walk (these are sit-ups)

We saw some surfers out enjoying the day

Gorgeous beaches

We headed towards Kiama Heights for some incredible views

Really interesting how you can see where the winds have "shaped" the treeline (on the right)

The path was well-marked (most of the time)

Lovely wildflowers

The boys were tired (and had already played in soccer games) - but they soldiered on!

That's the lighthouse in the background (where we began our walk)

We were looking forward to seeing the "Little Blow Hole" 

Mountain landscapes in the background created some amazing views from the coastal cliffs

Still too early to spot whales (they're likely north to Queensland) - but we'll be back when the time is right!

We arrived at the Little Blow Hole (although we could hear the "whoosh" sounds for a while before!)

A great passing shot of the Little Blow Hole's placement on the coastline

The rock formations of the coastline reminded Chy-Anne and I of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

Pit stop

Not there yet...

Another beach to walk across

Heading uphill towards Kiama Heights

We reached Kiama Heights and I checked my phone's GPS. We had already walked 9 km in a couple of hours and our truck (parked at Gerroa Beach in Gerringong) was still another 10 km away. 

With the sun setting and our little boys' legs showing signs of wear from the day's excitement. We decided to call a taxi to bring us back to the car (at the Kiama Blow Hole) and save the rest of this amazing coastal walk for another day!

We'll be back...

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