Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Currockbilly - at the Willshire Farm

Sunset at Currockbilly

We were invited to the Willshire Farm for the weekend - which is about 1.5 hours away on the same road we took towards Canberra. Jayne and David had already invited us over for our first Australian Day at their house (just after we arrived at the end of January) and now they wanted to share their home away from home with us - Currockbilly!

We stopped at the Nerriga Pub for lunch and then headed on to the farm...

Liam's says "I think that's Ned Kelly's armour" - 
the payoff of all the non-fiction reading is starting to happen!

Family photo outside the Nerriga Pub

I'm having a go at "the spinner" - a great dunny restoration

Our campfire setup on a beautiful Saturday arvo

The boys (as well as Phillip - Jane B.B.'s husband - and I) had a blast riding the quad bikes around the farm all weekend.

Mighty Machines!

Bryce and I were out for a rip!

Stunning countryside views with the backdrop of Morton National Park

Phillip and Liam were leading our quad bike tour around the fields

One (of the many) huge wombat holes that we found around the farm

We looked for some more wombat holes to investigate

Beautiful blue skies

Chy-Anne, Jayne Willshire and Jane B.B. out for a stroll at the farm

The gum trees

The sun began to set and we knew it was time to walk up the hill 
(as is tradition at the Willshire Farm) to capture the moment - with a lovely wine and cheese feast.

What a amazing spot to watch the sunset!


The sun vanished behind the hill

The campfire is rockin' fully equipped with "fairy" lights

David and Jayne prepared a traditional baked lamb dinner on the fire (delicious!)

After dinner, David had planned quite a surprise for our boys. A full-on fireworks show with REAL fireworks directly above us. No pictures to share but here is the after photo I took in the morning. Very cool, indeed!

The night was alot of fun spent around the campfire as the temperature dropped to around 3 degrees.


In the morning when I awoke (before Chy and the boys were up), 
I went for a walk in the fog to take some more pictures of this beautiful place. 

The rest of our Sunday was filled with morning marshmallow roasting, a lovely breakfast, tree climbing and some more quad bike fun. 

The cattle in the fog

Mist over the dam

Looking into a few more wombat holes

Blue skies emerged once more!

Hangin' out

Colourful trees

Jayne, Chy-Anne and the boys head out for a walk

The house from the front

Strange mushrooms

A heron in the tree

An amazing place spent with some amazing friends. Thanks to Jane and Phillip B.B. for sharing the incredible weekend with us!

Thanks so much to Jayne and David Willshire for their hospitality and kindness. You have a little piece of heaven in Currockbilly!

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